List of packages which FTBFS in Fedora

This table is generated by querying all Fedora Koji instances (primary, aarch64, ppc64, s390 ones). But it differs from list of failed builds offered by Koji itself:

NOTE: lack of entry does not mean that package is fine. Few reasons:

Colours legend:

Fedora 20 Fedora 21 Fedora 22 Fedora 23

NOTE: page is not auto-generated.


Name nvr noarcharmhfpi386x86_64aarch64ppc64ppc64les390s390x
OCEOCE-0.16-1.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
XTandemXTandem-130901.1-2.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
ardour3ardour3-3.5.403-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
arkark-14.12.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
arm-none-eabi-gcc-csarm-none-eabi-gcc-cs-2013.11.24-2.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
astromenaceastromenace-1.3.2-1.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
atat-3.1.13-15.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
audiocd-kioaudiocd-kio-14.12.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
awsaws-3.1.0-8.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
bashbash-4.2.51-2.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
boinc-clientboinc-client-7.2.42-1.gitdd0d630.fc20           ppc64 (R)      
cbmccbmc-4.7-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
clpeakclpeak-0.1-2.20140425gitc0b94f2.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
coin-or-Ipoptcoin-or-Ipopt-3.11.9-3.fc20         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C)      
collectdcollectd-5.4.1-3.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
converseenconverseen-0.8.4-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
coqcoq-8.4pl4-1.fc20         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
cxxtoolscxxtools-2.2.1-2.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
cxxtoolscxxtools-2.2.1-1.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
dl_polydl_poly-1.9.20140324-7.fc20     i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (OK)   s390 (F) s390x (C)
dolphin-pluginsdolphin-plugins-14.12.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
dragoneggdragonegg-3.4-0.5.rc0.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
dwgrepdwgrep-0.1-5.fc20               s390 (F) s390x (C)
eclipse-cdteclipse-cdt-8.3.0-1.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
elpaelpa-2013.11-3.008.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
erlang-riak_kverlang-riak_kv-1.3.2-1.fc20         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
etcdetcd-2.0.3-0.2.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
findbugsfindbugs-2.0.3-5.fc20 noarch (C)                
firefoxfirefox-36.0-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
galeragalera-25.3.5-4.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
gappagappa-1.1.2-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
gappagappa-1.1.1-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
gcingcin-2.8.2-1.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ghc-aeson-prettyghc-aeson-pretty-0.7.1-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
ghc-crypto-apighc-crypto-api-0.11-3.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
ghc-crypto-apighc-crypto-api-0.11-4.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
ghc-gioghc-gio-           ppc64 (F)      
ghc-hs-bibutilsghc-hs-bibutils-5.0-3.fc20           ppc64 (R)      
ghdlghdl-0.31-2.fc20     i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
gluegen2gluegen2-2.0.2-2.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
gluegen2gluegen2-2.0.2-1.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
gmicgmic-           ppc64 (C)      
gnupggnupg-1.4.19-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
gnuradiognuradio-3.7.3-3.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
gnuradiognuradio-3.7.3-2.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
herculeshercules-3.11-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
hornetqhornetq-2.4.0-6.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
hylafax+hylafax+-5.5.5-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
iwyuiwyu-0.2-1.fc20         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
java-1.7.0-openjdkjava-1.7.0-openjdk-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
jblasjblas-1.2.3-2.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
jemallocjemalloc-3.6.0-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
jemallocjemalloc-3.6.0-8.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
kanatestkanatest-0.4.8-11.fc20         aarch64 (R)        
kawakawa-2.0-1.fc20   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
kdepimkdepim-4.14.6-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
kgetkget-14.12.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
ktp-auth-handlerktp-auth-handler-0.8.1-2.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
lassolasso-2.4.0-0.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ldcldc-2-57.20140305git6e908ff.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
ldcldc-2-56.20140305git6e908ff.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
libccp4libccp4-6.3.1-4.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
libcpropslibcprops-0.1.12-4.1.fc20         aarch64 (R)        
libdvdnavlibdvdnav-5.0.1-2.20140901gite225924.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
libexplainlibexplain-1.2-3.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
libfreenectlibfreenect-0.5.0-1.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (C)
libopkelelibopkele-2.0.4-6.fc20         aarch64 (R)        
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libtaginfolibtaginfo-0.2.0-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
libtifiles2libtifiles2-1.1.6-4.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
libxclibxc-2.1.2-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libxclibxc-2.1.0-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
lightdmlightdm-1.10.2-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
lightninglightning-2.0.4-2.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
linuxptplinuxptp-1.4-1.fc20           ppc64 (OK)      
lokalizelokalize-14.12.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
lua-lgilua-lgi-0.7.2-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
luajitluajit-2.0.3-1.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
marcomarco-1.8.2-2.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F)      
marcomarco-1.8.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F)      
mariadbmariadb-5.5.41-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C)   s390 (C) s390x (F)
mate-screensavermate-screensaver-1.8.1-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
mate-terminalmate-terminal-1.8.1-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
matreshkamatreshka-0.5.1-2.fc20         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
mingw-wine-geckomingw-wine-gecko-2.36-1.fc20 noarch (C)                
mltonmlton-20100608-16.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
nqpnqp-0.0.2014.04-1.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
obs-signdobs-signd-2.2.1-5.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
ocaml-sqliteocaml-sqlite-1.6.3-5.fc20           ppc64 (F)   s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocservocserv-0.8.9-2.fc20               s390 (F) s390x (F)
octomapoctomap-1.6.7-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
ofonoofono-1.14-1.fc20           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
okularokular-14.12.3-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
openboxopenbox-3.5.2-6.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
owl-lispowl-lisp-0.1.7-2.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
pclpcl-1.7.1-2.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
perl-Glib-Object-Introspectionperl-Glib-Object-Introspection-0.016-1.fc20           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
perl-PDL-Graphics-PLplotperl-PDL-Graphics-PLplot-0.67-1.fc20           ppc64 (R)      
polymakepolymake-2.12-16.svn20140326.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
polymakepolymake-2.12-15.svn20140326.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
purepure-0.58-3.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
purepure-0.57-6.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
pygribpygrib-1.9.9-2.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
pylintpylint-1.3.1-3.fc20 noarch (F)                
pypypypy-2.2.1-3.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
python-astropypython-astropy-0.3.2-2.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
python-jwtpython-jwt-0.4.3-1.fc20 noarch (F)                
python-llvmpypython-llvmpy-0.12.4-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
python-pyzabbixpython-pyzabbix-0.7.2-1.fc20 noarch (F)                
python-statsmodelspython-statsmodels-0.5.0-8.fc20           ppc64 (F)   s390 (R) s390x (R)
python-umemcachepython-umemcache-1.6.3-3.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
qgisqgis-2.2.0-1.fc20   armhfp (F) i386 (C) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C)      
qpid-cppqpid-cpp-0.30-5.fc20         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
qt-creatorqt-creator-3.2.2-2.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
qt5-qtconnectivityqt5-qtconnectivity-5.4.0-1.fc20               s390 (F) s390x (C)
rtorrentrtorrent-0.9.4-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
rubygem-qpid_messagingrubygem-qpid_messaging-0.30.0-1.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
rubygem-rabbitrubygem-rabbit-2.1.4-1.fc20 noarch (F)                
slic3rslic3r-1.0.1-1.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
socatsocat-           ppc64 (F)      
sockperfsockperf-2.5.244-2.fc20           ppc64 (F)      
subversionsubversion-1.8.10-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
superminsupermin-5.1.9-2.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
superminsupermin-5.1.8-5.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
templates_parsertemplates_parser-11.8.0-1.fc20         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R)      
tipcutilstipcutils-2.0.6-1.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
torquetorque-3.0.4-6.fc20           ppc64 (C)      
ustlustl-2.1-3.fc20           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
yoshimiyoshimi-1.2.4-1.fc20         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
z88dkz88dk-1.10.1-3.fc20   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (R)        
zeromq3zeromq3-3.2.4-1.fc20               s390 (F) s390x (F)


Name nvr noarcharmhfpi386x86_64aarch64ppc64ppc64les390s390x
ModemManagerModemManager-1.4.4-2.fc21               s390 (OK) s390x (F)
NetworkManagerNetworkManager-         aarch64 (F)        
NetworkManagerNetworkManager-         aarch64 (F)        
NetworkManagerNetworkManager-         aarch64 (F)        
ShellCheckShellCheck-0.3.4-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
SingularSingular-3.1.6-7.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
appmenu-qt5appmenu-qt5-0.r26-3.fc21         aarch64 (OK)        
arkark-14.12.3-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
arm-none-eabi-gcc-csarm-none-eabi-gcc-cs-2013.11.24-3.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
aunitaunit-2013-7.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
auriferousauriferous-1.0.1-17.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
bookkeeperbookkeeper-4.2.1-7.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
cephceph-0.80.8-2.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
chickenchicken-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
clpeakclpeak-0.1-6.20150215git9a39c0c.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
coin-or-Ipoptcoin-or-Ipopt-3.12.0-1.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C)      
collectdcollectd-5.4.2-1.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
contourcontour-0.3-6.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (R)    
coqcoq-8.4pl5-1.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
cross-gcccross-gcc-4.9.2-3.fc21         aarch64 (OK) ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (OK)    
cxxtoolscxxtools-2.2.1-4.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
czmqczmq-2.2.0-3.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (F)
dl_polydl_poly-1.9.20140324-7.fc21     i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (OK)   s390 (F) s390x (C)
dnf-plugins-extrasdnf-plugins-extras-0.0.5-1.fc21 noarch (F)                
docker-iodocker-io-1.5.0-2.fc21   armhfp (C)   x86_64 (F)          
docsis-config-encoderdocsis-config-encoder-0.9.8-0.1.20150302git68e622f.fc21               s390 (OK) s390x (F)
dolphin-pluginsdolphin-plugins-14.12.3-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
dopewarsdopewars-1.5.12-15.1033svn.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
dwgrepdwgrep-0.1-5.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (C)
eclipse-cdteclipse-cdt-8.6.0-1.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
eclipse-webtoolseclipse-webtools-3.6.3-2.fc21 noarch (F)                
erlang-gprocerlang-gproc-0.2.17-3.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-riak_apierlang-riak_api-1.3.2-3.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-riak_controlerlang-riak_control-1.3.2-4.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-riak_kverlang-riak_kv-1.3.2-2.fc21         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-riak_searcherlang-riak_search-1.3.2-2.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
erlang-riaknosticerlang-riaknostic-1.1.0-2.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-sidejoberlang-sidejob-0.2.0-3.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
escesc-1.1.0-24.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
etcdetcd-2.0.3-0.2.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
fence-agentsfence-agents-4.0.16-1.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
firefoxfirefox-36.0-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0-3.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
floristflorist-2011-16.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
fryskfrysk-0.4-42.fc21           ppc64 (F)      
ftsfts-3.2.32-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
gambit-cgambit-c-4.7.3-2.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
gammaraygammaray-2.2.1-3.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (F)
gazebogazebo-3.1.0-2.fc21   armhfp (F)     aarch64 (F)        
gcc-python-plugingcc-python-plugin-0.13-3.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gccxmlgccxml-0.9.0-0.24.20140610.gita012b8fe.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
gdlgdl-0.9.5-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
ghc-distributiveghc-distributive-0.4.4-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
ghc-gtkghc-gtk-           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (R)    
ghc-polyparseghc-polyparse-1.11-1.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
gnatcollgnatcoll-2013-9.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
gnome-desktop-sharpgnome-desktop-sharp-2.26.0-22.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
gnome-dvb-daemongnome-dvb-daemon-0.2.10-4.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gnutlsgnutls-3.3.13-1.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
gourcegource-0.42-3.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (F)    
gr-air-modesgr-air-modes-0-0.28.20140312gitcc0fa180.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (C)
grilogrilo-0.2.12-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
gstreamer1-vaapigstreamer1-vaapi-0.5.10-1.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (C)
halibuthalibut-1.0-10.20120803svn9601.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
hedgewarshedgewars-             ppc64le (F)    
iwyuiwyu-0.3-1.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
java-1.7.0-openjdkjava-1.7.0-openjdk-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
java-1.8.0-openjdkjava-1.8.0-openjdk-   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
jgraphxjgraphx- noarch (F)                
jogl2jogl2-2.2.4-3.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
kde-plasma-miloukde-plasma-milou-0.1-0.5.20140417git.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
keepasskeepass-2.26-9.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kernelkernel-3.18.7-200.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)     s390 (C) s390x (F)
kernelkernel-3.18.2-200.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)     s390 (C) s390x (F)
kgetkget-14.12.3-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
kicadkicad-2014.03.13-10.rev4744.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
kicadkicad-2014.03.13-9.rev4744.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
lazaruslazarus-1.2-2.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
leksahleksah-         aarch64 (F)        
libgcrootslibgcroots-0.2.3-7.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
libgcryptlibgcrypt-1.6.3-1.fc21               s390 (C) s390x (F)
libguestfslibguestfs-1.28.6-2.fc21   armhfp (OK) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libpcaplibpcap-1.6.2-2.fc21         aarch64 (OK)        
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libsbmllibsbml-5.11.0-11.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (OK) s390x (F)
libtifiles2libtifiles2-1.1.6-4.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
libxclibxc-2.1.2-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libxclibxc-2.1.0-4.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libxclibxc-2.1.0-3.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libyui-bindingslibyui-bindings-1.1.0-1.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
lnavlnav-0.7.2-1.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
lokalizelokalize-14.12.3-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
lovelove-0.9.1-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
lttng-ustlttng-ust-2.5.1-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
mariadbmariadb-10.0.17-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C)   s390 (C) s390x (F)
mesonmeson-0.22.0-7.20150310gitf9f51b1.fc21 noarch (F)                
methanemethane-1.5.1-9.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
mldonkeymldonkey-3.1.5-4.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
moarvmmoarvm-0.2014.04-6.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
moarvmmoarvm-0.2014.04-5.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
moarvmmoarvm-0.2014.04-3.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
mongodbmongodb-2.4.9-8.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)     ppc64le (F)    
monodevelopmonodevelop-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
nautilus-image-converternautilus-image-converter-0.3.1-0.7.git430afce31.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
nautilus-pythonnautilus-python-1.1-7.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ngspicengspice-23-8.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
numptyphysicsnumptyphysics-0.4-0.6.20140108git4837e29.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
nuntiusnuntius-0.1.0-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
ocaml-tplibocaml-tplib-1.3-9.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
ogre-pagedgeometryogre-pagedgeometry-1.1.4-2.fc21         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
okularokular-14.12.3-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
openbabelopenbabel-2.3.2-9.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
osm2pgsqlosm2pgsql-0.87.0-2.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
osm2pgsqlosm2pgsql-0.87.0-1.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
osm2pgsqlosm2pgsql-0.87.2-3.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
owl-lispowl-lisp-0.1.7-2.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
pax-utilspax-utils-0.9.1-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
pax-utilspax-utils-1.0-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
perl-Math-Int64perl-Math-Int64-0.34-1.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (OK)
perl-POEperl-POE-1.365-1.fc21 noarch (F)                
perl-Text-BibTeXperl-Text-BibTeX-0.70-3.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
pesignpesign-0.110-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
pfstoolspfstools-1.8.5-17.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
projectM-libvisualprojectM-libvisual-2.0.1-10.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
python-cryptographypython-cryptography-0.7.2-2.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
python-photutilspython-photutils-0.1-3.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (F)
qdigidocqdigidoc-         aarch64 (F)        
qemuqemu-2.1.3-3.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
qpid-cppqpid-cpp-0.30-3.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
qpid-cppqpid-cpp-0.30-4.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
qt5-qtconnectivityqt5-qtconnectivity-5.4.0-1.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (C)
qupzillaqupzilla-1.8.6-1.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qupzillaqupzilla-1.8.6-2.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ratbox-servicesratbox-services-1.2.1-11.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
riakriak-1.3.2-3.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
rkwardrkward-0.6.3-1.fc21   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
rootroot-5.34.18-2.fc21     i386 (R) x86_64 (R)     ppc64le (F)    
rootroot-5.34.26-1.fc21     i386 (R) x86_64 (R)     ppc64le (F)    
rxtxrxtx-2.2-0.11.20100211.fc21             ppc64le (F)    
scorepscorep-1.3-2.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R) aarch64 (F)        
scotchscotch-6.0.3-2.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (F)
scsi-target-utilsscsi-target-utils-1.0.55-1.fc21               s390 (F) s390x (C)
scummvmscummvm-1.7.0-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
seqanseqan-1.4.2-8.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
sflphonesflphone-1.4.1-6.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
shogunshogun-         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
sigarsigar-1.6.5-0.12.git58097d9.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
simonsimon-0.4.1-2.fc21           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (R)    
sinfosinfo-0.0.48-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
starplotstarplot-0.95.5-13.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
stracestrace-4.10-1.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
tabledtabled-0.5.2-4.fc21           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
texlivetexlive-2014-2.20140525_r34255.fc21   armhfp (OK) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
unboundunbound-1.5.0-2.fc21         aarch64 (F)        
varnishvarnish-4.0.3-1.fc21           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
webkitgtk3webkitgtk3-2.4.8-2.fc21   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
yapyap-6.2.2-10.fc21         aarch64 (R)        
yoshimiyoshimi-1.3.2-3.fc21         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)


Name nvr noarcharmhfpi386x86_64aarch64ppc64ppc64les390s390x
389-dsgw389-dsgw-1.1.11-6.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
3Depict3Depict-0.0.17-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
AcetoneISO2AcetoneISO2-2.3-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
CutyCaptCutyCapt-0-0.5.20130714svn.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
GMTGMT-5.1.1-6.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
HepMCHepMC-2.06.09-8.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK) aarch64 (F)        
HepMCHepMC-2.06.09-9.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK) aarch64 (F)        
IBSimuIBSimu-1.0.5-9.b.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
MayaviMayavi-4.3.2-0.3.20140421git2054fd4.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (R) s390x (R)
OCEOCE-0.16-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
PyMcaPyMca-4.7.3-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
PyQwtPyQwt-5.2.0-27.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
QuantLibQuantLib-1.4-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
ShellCheckShellCheck-0.3.5-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
SimGearSimGear-3.4.0-1.fc22   armhfp (OK) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)          
XTandemXTandem-130901.1-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
a2jmidida2jmidid-8-8.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
abakusabakus-0.92-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
abrt-java-connectorabrt-java-connector-1.1.0-3.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (F)
adobe-source-librariesadobe-source-libraries-1.0.43-24.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
aespipeaespipe-2.4c-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
aisleriotaisleriot-3.15.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
aisleriotaisleriot-3.15.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
amarokamarok-2.8.0-13.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
antimicroantimicro-2.11-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
antlr3antlr3-3.5.2-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
appdata-toolsappdata-tools-0.1.8-4.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
appmenu-qtappmenu-qt-0.2.6-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
aptapt-0.5.15lorg3.95-15.git522.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
aria2aria2-1.18.6-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
arkark-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
arm-none-eabi-gcc-csarm-none-eabi-gcc-cs-2014.05.28-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
arm-none-eabi-gdbarm-none-eabi-gdb-7.6.2-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ascendascend-0.9.8-16.20140710svn4695.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (R)          
asteriskasterisk-13.1.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
astromenaceastromenace-1.3.2-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
audexaudex-0.74-0.9.beta1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
aunitaunit-2013-7.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
autofsautofs-5.1.0-10.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
avogadroavogadro-1.1.1-7.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
avr-gdbavr-gdb-7.1-11.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
baloo-kcmadvbaloo-kcmadv-1.00.00-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
bangarangbangarang-2.1-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
baobabbaobab-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
bolzplatz2006bolzplatz2006-1.0.3-28.fc22           ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (F)    
braserobrasero-3.12.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
brobro-2.3-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
busyboxbusybox-1.22.1-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (C) s390x (F)
cabal-installcabal-install-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
cdcollectcdcollect-0.6.0-21.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
chemtoolchemtool-1.6.14-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
chickenchicken-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ckermitckermit-9.0.302-7.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
clpeakclpeak-0.1-7.20150215git9a39c0c.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
colord-kdecolord-kde-0.3.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
compat-libfficompat-libffi-3.0.10-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
compat-qpid-cppcompat-qpid-cpp-0.24-20.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
cootcoot-0.8.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
coreboot-utilscoreboot-utils-4.0-6.20150109git78c5d58.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
cross-gcccross-gcc-4.9.2-3.fc22         aarch64 (OK) ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (OK)    
crystalcrystal-2.2.1-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
csnappycsnappy-0-1.20141010gitb43c183.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
csnappycsnappy-0-0.20141010gitb43c183.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
cxxtoolscxxtools-2.2.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
czmqczmq-2.2.0-3.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (F)
darcsdarcs-2.8.5-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
darktabledarktable-1.6.2-5.fc22     i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)          
dbus-sharpdbus-sharp-0.7.0-11.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
dbus-sharp-glibdbus-sharp-glib-0.5.0-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
deja-dupdeja-dup-32.0-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
dietlibcdietlibc-0.33-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
djvulibredjvulibre-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
dl_polydl_poly-1.9.20140324-7.fc22     i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (OK)   s390 (F) s390x (C)
dolphin-pluginsdolphin-plugins-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
dropwatchdropwatch-1.4-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
drwrightdrwright-3.5.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (R)
dsqlitedsqlite-1.1.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
dwbdwb-2014.03.07-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
easystrokeeasystroke-0.6.0-8.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
easytageasytag-2.3.4-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
eclipseeclipse-4.4.1-9.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (F)
eclipseeclipse-4.4.1-7.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (F)
eclipseeclipse-4.4.0-17.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (F)
eclipseeclipse-4.4.2-2.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (F)
eclipse-cdteclipse-cdt-8.5.0-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
eclipse-emfeclipse-emf-2.10.1-3.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
eclipse-ptpeclipse-ptp-8.1.1-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
edac-utilsedac-utils-0.16-11.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ekg2ekg2-0.3.1-14.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ekigaekiga-4.0.1-16.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
eogeog-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
erlangerlang-17.2.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-merge_indexerlang-merge_index-1.3.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
erlang-riak_coreerlang-riak_core-1.3.2-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
evolution-rspamevolution-rspam-0.6.0-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
exoexo-0.10.2-8.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
exoexo-0.10.3-1.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
facterfacter-2.4.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
fawkesfawkes-0.5.0-19.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
fawkesfawkes-0.5.0-20.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ffcallffcall-1.10-17.20120424cvs.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ffcallffcall-1.10-16.20120424cvs.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
file-rollerfile-roller-3.15.2-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (F)
fiofio-2.2.4-1.fc22               s390 (C) s390x (F)
firefoxfirefox-36.0-4.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0.1-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0.1-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0.1-5.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
flamerobinflamerobin-0.9.3-9.20130401snap.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
flashromflashrom-0.9.7-2.svn1850.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
floristflorist-2011-16.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
fpcfpc-2.6.2-7.fc22           ppc64 (R)      
frama-cframa-c-1.10-20.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
freedink-dfarcfreedink-dfarc-3.12-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
freeipafreeipa-4.1.2-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
freemindfreemind-1.0.1-5.fc22 noarch (F)                
freesteamfreesteam-2.1-6.20140724svn753.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
fsarchiverfsarchiver-0.6.19-3.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
gambit-cgambit-c-4.7.3-2.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
gcc-python-plugingcc-python-plugin-0.13-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gccxmlgccxml-0.9.0-0.25.20140718.gitab651a2.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
gccxmlgccxml-0.9.0-0.24.20140610.gita012b8fe.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
gcingcin-2.8.2-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
gdata-sharpgdata-sharp-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
gdlgdl-0.9.5-5.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
geditgedit-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
gedit-cossagedit-cossa-3.2.0-8.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
geglgegl-0.2.0-21.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
geomorphgeomorph-0.60.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
gettextgettext-0.19.4-3.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
ghcghc-7.8.4-39.1.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
ghcghc-7.8.4-39.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
ghc-JuicyPixelsghc-JuicyPixels-3.2.2-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-X11ghc-X11-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-ansi-terminalghc-ansi-terminal-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-blaze-markupghc-blaze-markup-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-cairoghc-cairo-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-conduitghc-conduit-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-crypto-cipher-typesghc-crypto-cipher-types-0.0.9-6.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (C)
ghc-enumeratorghc-enumerator-0.4.20-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-glibghc-glib-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-gtkghc-gtk-           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (R)    
ghc-hamletghc-hamlet-1.2.0-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ghc-hgettextghc-hgettext-0.1.30-6.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ghc-http-typesghc-http-types-0.8.5-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-jsonghc-json-0.9-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-ltkghc-ltk-         aarch64 (R)        
ghc-mime-typesghc-mime-types-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-path-piecesghc-path-pieces-0.1.5-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-publicsuffixlistghc-publicsuffixlist-0.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-scientificghc-scientific-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-shakespeare-cssghc-shakespeare-css-1.1.0-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ghc-shakespeare-i18nghc-shakespeare-i18n-1.1.0-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ghc-shakespeare-jsghc-shakespeare-js-1.3.0-1.fc22               s390 (C) s390x (F)
ghc-shakespeare-textghc-shakespeare-text-1.1.0-2.fc22               s390 (C) s390x (F)
ghc-smallcheckghc-smallcheck-1.1.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-system-filepathghc-system-filepath-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ghc-xml-typesghc-xml-types-0.3.4-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
gif2pnggif2png-2.5.8-1805.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gimpgimp-2.8.14-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gio-sharpgio-sharp-0.3-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
givergiver-0.1.8-14.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gkeyfile-sharpgkeyfile-sharp-0.1-15.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gl3ngl3n-0.20140505-13.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gluegen2gluegen2-2.2.4-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
gnatcollgnatcoll-2013-9.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
gnome-buildergnome-builder-           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
gnome-calculatorgnome-calculator-3.15.4-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
gnome-calendargnome-calendar-3.15.90-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gnome-contactsgnome-contacts-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
gnome-desktop-sharpgnome-desktop-sharp-2.26.0-23.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
gnome-dictionarygnome-dictionary-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (F)
gnome-keyring-sharpgnome-keyring-sharp-1.0.1-0.17.133722svn.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gnome-logsgnome-logs-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
gnome-mapsgnome-maps-3.15.91-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gnome-mapsgnome-maps-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gnome-musicgnome-music-3.15.90-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
gnome-nibblesgnome-nibbles-3.15.90-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
gnomintgnomint-1.2.1-126.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
gnotegnote-3.14.0-2.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
gnuradiognuradio-   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
golang-github-appc-specgolang-github-appc-spec-0.3.0-2.gitfa6d3af.fc22       x86_64 (F)          
gourcegource-0.42-4.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (F)    
gqrxgqrx-2.3.2-3.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
gr-air-modesgr-air-modes-0-0.29.20140312gitcc0fa180.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
gr-fcdproplusgr-fcdproplus-0-0.7.20140920git1edbe523.fc22               s390 (C) s390x (R)
gr-iqbalgr-iqbal-0.37.2-4.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
grassgrass-6.4.4-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
gretlgretl-1.9.92-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
gridenginegridengine-2011.11p1-23.fc22         aarch64 (F)   ppc64le (F)    
grubbygrubby-8.35-9.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
gtatoolgtatool-2.1.0-3.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (C)
gtk-sharp-beansgtk-sharp-beans-2.14.0-13.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gtk-sharp2gtk-sharp2-2.12.11-12.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gtkdgtkd-2.4.2-50.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
gtkhashgtkhash-0.6.0-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gtkpodgtkpod-2.1.4-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (R)
gtksourceviewmm3gtksourceviewmm3-3.2.0-8.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (C)
gudev-sharpgudev-sharp-0.1-14.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
gupnp-dlnagupnp-dlna-0.10.2-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
hadoophadoop-2.4.1-6.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (C)
hailhail-0.8-0.16.gf9c5b967.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
halibuthalibut-1.0-10.20120803svn9601.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
hawaii-shellhawaii-shell-0.3.0-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
hedgewarshedgewars-             ppc64le (F)    
hmmerhmmer-3.0-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
homerunhomerun-1.2.5-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
hornetqhornetq-2.4.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
hyenahyena-0.5-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
icedtea-webicedtea-web-1.6-0.1.pre02.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
icuicu-54.1-2.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
idzebraidzebra-2.0.58-5.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (C)
initial-setupinitial-setup-0.3.29-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
java-1.8.0-openjdkjava-1.8.0-openjdk-   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
jblasjblas-1.2.3-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
jgraphxjgraphx- noarch (F)                
jogl2jogl2-2.2.4-3.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
k4dirstatk4dirstat-2.7.0-0.16.20101010git6c0a9e6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kBuildkBuild-0.1.9998-3.r2730.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kaudiocreatorkaudiocreator-1.3-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
kbackupkbackup-0.8-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kbibtexkbibtex-0.5.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kcemirrorkcemirror-0.1.5-13.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
kcm-gtkkcm-gtk-0.5.3-16.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kcm_touchpadkcm_touchpad-5.1.95-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (F)
kcoloreditkcoloredit-4.4.0-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kcometen4kcometen4-1.0.7-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kdbgkdbg-2.5.4-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-activitymanagerkde-plasma-activitymanager-0.5-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (R)
kde-plasma-akonadi-calendarskde-plasma-akonadi-calendars-0.2.2-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-akonadi-contactskde-plasma-akonadi-contacts-0.1.7-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-akonadi-taskskde-plasma-akonadi-tasks-0.1.3-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-daisykde-plasma-daisy-           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-ihatethecashewkde-plasma-ihatethecashew-0.4-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-publictransportkde-plasma-publictransport-0.10-0.12.20111204git.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-quickaccesskde-plasma-quickaccess-0.8.1-11.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-runcommandkde-plasma-runcommand-2.4-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
kde-plasma-smooth-taskskde-plasma-smooth-tasks-0.0.1-0.11.20120313hge8a97edfdebc.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-translatoidkde-plasma-translatoid-1.30-12.svn01092011.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kde-plasma-yawpkde-plasma-yawp-0.4.5-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (R)
kde-style-skulpturekde-style-skulpture-0.2.4-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kdeartworkkdeartwork-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
kdelibskdelibs-4.14.6-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
kdiff3kdiff3-0.9.98-4.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (C)
kf5-kjobwidgetskf5-kjobwidgets-5.7.0-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)       s390 (C) s390x (F)
kflickrkflickr-20100817-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kgetkget-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
kgrabkgrab-0.1.1-29.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kgraphviewerkgraphviewer-2.2.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
kicadkicad-2014.03.13-11.rev4744.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
kiconeditkiconedit-4.4.0-10.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kio-ftpskio-ftps-0.2-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kio-upnp-mskio-upnp-ms-1.0.0-6.20111102git.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kio_gopherkio_gopher-0.1.4-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kio_sysinfokio_sysinfo-20090930-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
klatexformulaklatexformula-3.2.10-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
klogklog-0.5.6-12.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kmesskmess-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kmetronomekmetronome-1.0.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kmldonkeykmldonkey-2.0.5-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kmplayerkmplayer-0.11.3c-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kmsconkmscon-8-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
knemoknemo-0.7.6-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
knightsknights-2.5.0-6.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
koffice-kiviokoffice-kivio-1.6.3-43.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
konversationkonversation-1.5.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
kopete-cryptographykopete-cryptography-1.3.0-24.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
koverartistkoverartist-0.7.6-7.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kpartspluginkpartsplugin-0.0.1-0.12.20120723.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kpassgenkpassgen-1.4-7.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
krecipeskrecipes-2.0-0.7.beta2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kredentialskredentials-2.0-0.9.pre3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kremotecontrolkremotecontrol-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (R)          
krenamekrename-4.0.9-12.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
krusaderkrusader-2.4.0-0.12.beta3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ksecretsksecrets-4.8.4-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kshutdownkshutdown-3.2-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ksigksig-1.1-0.15.20080213.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktorrentktorrent-4.3.1-14.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
ktp-accounts-kcmktp-accounts-kcm-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-approverktp-approver-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-auth-handlerktp-auth-handler-0.9.0-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
ktp-call-uiktp-call-ui-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-common-internalsktp-common-internals-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-contact-listktp-contact-list-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-contact-runnerktp-contact-runner-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-desktop-appletsktp-desktop-applets-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-filetransfer-handlerktp-filetransfer-handler-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-kded-integration-modulektp-kded-integration-module-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-send-filektp-send-file-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ktp-text-uiktp-text-ui-0.9.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
ktuxktux-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
kvirckvirc-4.2.0-13.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kvkbdkvkbd-0.6-10.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
kwalletkwallet-4.12.3-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
kwinkwin-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
kwootykwooty-1.1.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
ladishladish-2-6.3.gitfcb16ae.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
lassolasso-2.4.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
latex2rtflatex2rtf-2.3.8-5.fc22       x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
lazaruslazarus-1.2-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
lemonposlemonpos-0.9.4-11.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libacpilibacpi-0.2-22.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
libalkimialibalkimia-4.3.2-6.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
libdigidocpplibdigidocpp-               s390 (R) s390x (C)
libfreenectlibfreenect-0.5.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (C)
libgcrootslibgcroots-0.2.3-8.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
libguestfslibguestfs-1.29.29-1.fc22   armhfp (OK) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libintlibint-1.1.6-4.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
libixionlibixion-0.9.0-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
libixionlibixion-0.9.0-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
libkfbapilibkfbapi-1.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libkgapilibkgapi-2.2.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
libpumalibpuma-1.2-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libreofficelibreoffice-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libreoffice-TexMathslibreoffice-TexMaths-0.41-1.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
libreoffice-voikkolibreoffice-voikko-4.1-1.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
libsbmllibsbml-5.11.0-11.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (OK) s390x (F)
libsouplibsoup-2.49.91-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
libtvdblibtvdb-0.3.0-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
libvirtlibvirt-1.2.12-2.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libvirtlibvirt-1.2.12-1.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libx86libx86-1.1-20.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
libxclibxc-2.1.0-4.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libyui-bindingslibyui-bindings-1.1.0-5.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
lightdm-kdelightdm-kde-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
linux_logolinux_logo-5.11-10.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
log4netlog4net-1.2.13-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
lokalizelokalize-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
lovelove-0.9.1-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
ltraceltrace-0.7.91-13.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
lua-posixlua-posix-32-4.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
luajitluajit-2.0.3-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
lwplwp-2.6-11.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
mail-notificationmail-notification-5.4-83.git.eab5c13.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
mapnikmapnik-2.2.1-0.1.20150127git0639d54.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
mapservermapserver-6.2.2-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
marblemarble-14.12.3-3.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
matreshkamatreshka-0.6.0-6.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F)      
meataxemeataxe-2.4.24-9.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
media-explorermedia-explorer-0.4.4-13.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
mediainfomediainfo-0.7.71-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
memstompmemstomp-0.1.4-15.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
merkaartormerkaartor-0.18.1-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
meshlabmeshlab-1.3.2-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
mesonmeson-0.22.0-7.20150310gitf9f51b1.fc22 noarch (F)                
metacitymetacity-3.12.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (R)
mhwaveeditmhwaveedit-1.4.22-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
mkvtoolnixmkvtoolnix-7.6.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
moarvmmoarvm-0.2014.12-2.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
moarvmmoarvm-0.2014.12-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
mod_nssmod_nss-1.0.11-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
mongodbmongodb-2.6.8-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)     ppc64le (F)    
mono-addinsmono-addins-0.6.2-11.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
mono-bouncycastlemono-bouncycastle-1.7-8.fc22           ppc64 (R)      
mono-zeroconfmono-zeroconf-0.9.0-13.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
monobristolmonobristol-           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
mpqcmpqc-2.3.1-29.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
mrptmrpt-1.0.2-12.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
msp430-gccmsp430-gcc-4.6.4-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
mtrmtr-0.85-6.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (R) s390x (R)
nagiosnagios-3.5.1-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
nasmnasm-2.11.06-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
nautilus-open-terminalnautilus-open-terminal-0.20-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
nautilus-search-toolnautilus-search-tool-0.3.0-19.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
nbcnbc-1.2.1.r3-10.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
nclncl-6.2.1-2.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (F)
nepomuk-music-kio-slavenepomuk-music-kio-slave-0.1.0-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
nepomukshellnepomukshell-0.8.0-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
nepomuktvnamernepomuktvnamer-0.2.0-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
nessus-corenessus-core-2.2.11-15.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
netbeans-platformnetbeans-platform-7.0.1-11.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
netcdf-cxx4netcdf-cxx4-4.2.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
netcdf4-pythonnetcdf4-python-1.1.3-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
netcdf4-pythonnetcdf4-python-1.1.4-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
netdump-servernetdump-server-0.7.16-37.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
nininini-1.1.0-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
notify-sharpnotify-sharp-0.4.0-0.23.20100411svn.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
nqpnqp-0.0.2014.12-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
numatopnumatop-1.0.3-1.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
nuntiusnuntius-0.1.0-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
ocaml-camlp4ocaml-camlp4-4.02.0-0.8.git87c6a6b0.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (R) s390x (C)
ocaml-camlp4ocaml-camlp4-4.02.0-0.6.git87c6a6b0.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (R) s390x (C)
ocaml-camlp4ocaml-camlp4-4.02.0-0.5.git87c6a6b0.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (R) s390x (C)
ocaml-camlp4ocaml-camlp4-4.02.0-0.4.git87c6a6b0.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (R) s390x (C)
ocaml-camlp4ocaml-camlp4-4.02.0-0.7.git87c6a6b0.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (R) s390x (C)
ocaml-cilocaml-cil-1.7.3-14.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
ocaml-facileocaml-facile-1.1-30.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocaml-gslocaml-gsl-1.17.2-5.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
ocaml-labltkocaml-labltk-4.02-0.7.beta1.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
ocaml-menhirocaml-menhir-20141215-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-menhirocaml-menhir-20140422-7.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocsinventory-agentocsinventory-agent-2.1.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
octave-iooctave-io-2.2.6-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
odbodb-2.3.0-9.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ofonoofono-1.14-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
okularokular-14.12.3-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
omplompl-1.0.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
openalchemistopenalchemist-0.4-14.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
openbabelopenbabel-2.3.2-11.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)         aarch64 (R)        
openscadopenscad-2014.03-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
opensshopenssh-6.7p1-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
osgearthosgearth-2.6-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
osm2pgsqlosm2pgsql-0.87.0-3.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
osm2pgsqlosm2pgsql-0.87.2-3.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
ovirt-guest-agentovirt-guest-agent-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
owl-lispowl-lisp-0.1.7-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
paraviewparaview-4.3.1-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
paroleparole-0.8.0-1.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
parquetparquet-1.5.0-4.fc22 noarch (R)                
patchelfpatchelf-0.8-2.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
pdfeditpdfedit-0.4.5-16.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
perl-B-Hooks-OP-PPAddrperl-B-Hooks-OP-PPAddr-0.03-11.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-Crypt-Cracklibperl-Crypt-Cracklib-1.7-12.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
perl-Data-Cloneperl-Data-Clone-0.004-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
perl-Devel-BeginLiftperl-Devel-BeginLift-0.001003-9.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-Glib-Object-Introspectionperl-Glib-Object-Introspection-0.024-3.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
perl-Gtk2-Notifyperl-Gtk2-Notify-0.05-23.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-Math-Int64perl-Math-Int64-0.34-1.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (OK)
perl-Net-CUPSperl-Net-CUPS-0.61-19.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
perl-PDLperl-PDL-2.7.0-8.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (OK) s390x (F)
perl-PDLperl-PDL-2.7.0-6.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (OK) s390x (F)
perl-POSIX-AtForkperl-POSIX-AtFork-0.02-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-PPI-XSperl-PPI-XS-0.902-6.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-SDLperl-SDL-2.544-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-Socket-Netlinkperl-Socket-Netlink-0.04-12.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
perl-Sys-Virtperl-Sys-Virt-1.2.13-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
perl-SystemPerlperl-SystemPerl-1.336-12.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
perl-Test-AutoBuildperl-Test-AutoBuild-1.2.4-15.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
perl-Text-Hunspellperl-Text-Hunspell-2.09-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
perl-WWW-Curlperl-WWW-Curl-4.17-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
perl-qpidperl-qpid-0.30-1.fc22               s390 (C) s390x (F)
perl-threads-liteperl-threads-lite-0.033-7.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
pfscalibrationpfscalibration-1.5-8.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
pfstmopfstmo-1.5-7.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
pfstoolspfstools-1.8.5-19.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
phasexphasex-0.12.0-2.12.m1.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
php-pecl-gearmanphp-pecl-gearman-1.1.2-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
php-pecl-httpphp-pecl-http-2.3.1-1.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
pidgin-otrpidgin-otr-4.0.1-1.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
piklabpiklab-0.16.1-10.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
plasma-desktopplasma-desktop-5.2.0-5.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
plasma-mediacenterplasma-mediacenter-1.3.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
plasma-widget-menubarplasma-widget-menubar-0.2.0-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
plasmateplasmate-1.0-7.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
playerplayer-3.0.2-40.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
polymakepolymake-2.13-8.git20140811.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
polymakepolymake-2.13-12.git20141013.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
polymakepolymake-2.13-10.git20140811.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
praghapragha-1.2.2-5.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
psi4psi4-4.0-0.17.c7deee9git.1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
purepure-0.62-2.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
pvmpvm-3.4.6-9.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
pymiliapymilia-1.0.0-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
pypypypy-2.4.0-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
pyside-toolspyside-tools-0.2.13-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
python-atomicwritespython-atomicwrites-0.1.4-4.fc22 noarch (F)                
python-cassandra-driverpython-cassandra-driver-1.1.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
python-fedorapython-fedora-0.3.37-1.fc22 noarch (F)                
python-gunicornpython-gunicorn-19.3.0-1.fc22 noarch (F)                
python-photutilspython-photutils-0.1-3.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (F)
python-pymongopython-pymongo-2.5.2-6.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
python-pysidepython-pyside-1.2.2-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
python-statsmodelspython-statsmodels-0.6.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (F)   s390 (R) s390x (R)
pythonqtpythonqt-2.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qalculate-kdeqalculate-kde-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
qbittorrentqbittorrent-3.2.0-0.12.git060d3fc.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
qctqct-1.7-13.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
qpid-cppqpid-cpp-0.30-10.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
qpid-qmfqpid-qmf-0.28-27.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
qstardictqstardict-1.0.1-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qt4-theme-quarticurveqt4-theme-quarticurve-0.0-0.22.beta8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qt5-qtserialportqt5-qtserialport-5.4.0-2.fc22   armhfp (OK) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
qt5-qtwebkitqt5-qtwebkit-5.4.0-4.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
qt5-qtwebkitqt5-qtwebkit-5.4.0-5.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
qt5-qtwebkitqt5-qtwebkit-5.4.0-2.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
qtcurve-gtk2qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.16-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qtcurve-kde4qtcurve-kde4-1.8.14-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qtermqterm-0.5.12-9.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
quake3quake3-1.36-21.svn2102.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)        
quake3quake3-1.36-22.svn2102.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)        
quarticurve-kwin-themequarticurve-kwin-theme-0.0-0.14.beta4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
quasselquassel-0.11.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
quick-usb-formatterquick-usb-formatter-0.4.1-9.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qupzillaqupzilla-1.6.3-3.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qupzillaqupzilla-1.8.6-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qupzillaqupzilla-1.8.6-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
rangerranger-1.6.1-5.fc22 noarch (F)                
rasmolrasmol-           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
razorqtrazorqt-0.5.2-21.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
rcsslogplayerrcsslogplayer-15.1.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
rcssserverrcssserver-15.2.2-10.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
rekollectrekollect-0.3.2-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
rekonqrekonq-2.4.2-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
remminaremmina-1.1.1-2.git.efb7b5f.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
remminaremmina-1.2.0-0.1.rcgit.1.fc22         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
revelationrevelation-0.4.14-8.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
rhythmboxrhythmbox-3.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
rkwardrkward-0.6.3-1.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
rootroot-5.34.26-1.fc22     i386 (R) x86_64 (R)     ppc64le (F)    
rootroot-5.34.20-2.fc22     i386 (R) x86_64 (R)     ppc64le (F)    
roxtermroxterm-2.9.5-1.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (F)
rsibreakrsibreak-0.11-11.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-byebugrubygem-byebug-3.5.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-charlock_holmesrubygem-charlock_holmes-0.7.3-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-debug_inspectorrubygem-debug_inspector-0.0.2-2.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-eventmachinerubygem-eventmachine-1.0.6-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-ferretrubygem-ferret-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-ffirubygem-ffi-1.9.3-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
rubygem-glurubygem-glu-8.2.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-kgiorubygem-kgio-2.9.3-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)   ppc64le (F)    
rubygem-nokogirirubygem-nokogiri-           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-openglrubygem-opengl-0.9.2-5.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
rubygem-openssl_cmsrubygem-openssl_cms-0.0.3-1.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
rubygem-syckrubygem-syck-1.0.5-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
sagasaga-2.1.4-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
sayonarasayonara-0.6.2-4.svn1021.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
scipyscipy-0.14.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
scorepscorep-1.3-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R) aarch64 (F)        
scotchscotch-6.0.3-2.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (F)
sdccsdcc-3.4.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
sdccsdcc-3.4.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
seamonkeyseamonkey-2.32.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
seqanseqan-1.4.2-9.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
seqanseqan-1.4.2-8.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
sflphonesflphone-1.4.1-5.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
sflphonesflphone-1.4.1-3.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
shakeshake-0.13.4-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
share-like-connectshare-like-connect-0.3-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
shogunshogun-         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
simsparksimspark-0.2.4-11.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
skanliteskanlite-1.1-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
skiski-1.3.2-17.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
slimdataslimdata-2.6.4-8.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
spatialite-guispatialite-gui-1.7.1-5.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
spice-gtkspice-gtk-0.28-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
squeak-vmsqueak-vm-         aarch64 (F)        
stagestage-4.1.1-9.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
startactivestartactive-0.3-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
stepstep-14.12.1-1.fc22           ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (F)    
stracestrace-4.10-1.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
sugar-srilankasugar-srilanka-3-2.fc22 noarch (F)                
synce-gnomevfssynce-gnomevfs-0.13-10.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
syncevolutionsyncevolution-1.5-3.fc22               s390 (F) s390x (C)
systemdsystemd-219-3.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (C) s390x (F)
systemdsystemd-219-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (C) s390x (F)
tangotango-2-20.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
taxipilottaxipilot-0.9.2-18.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
templates_parsertemplates_parser-11.8.0-4.fc22         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (R)      
tepsonictepsonic-0.98.3-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
themonospot-gui-qtthemonospot-gui-qt-0.1.3-16.fc22           ppc64 (R)      
thermostatthermostat-1.2.0-3.fc22   armhfp (F) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
thunderbirdthunderbird-31.4.0-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
tigervnctigervnc-1.4.2-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
torrent-file-editortorrent-file-editor-0.1.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
tuxancituxanci-0.21.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
tuxcmdtuxcmd-0.6.70-14.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
uClibcuClibc-             ppc64le (R)    
uimuim-1.8.6-6.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
ustlustl-2.1-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
uudeviewuudeview-0.5.20-33.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
uwsgiuwsgi-2.0.7-2.fc22       x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
valyriatearvalyriatear-1.0.0-2.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK)    
vdirsyncervdirsyncer-0.4.3-5.fc22 noarch (F)                
vimvim-7.4.629-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
vmpkvmpk-0.6.0-1.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
webkitgtkwebkitgtk-2.4.8-2.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
webkitgtkwebkitgtk-2.4.8-3.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.90-10.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.4-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.4-6.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.4-3.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.3-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.91-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.91-2.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
wicd-kdewicd-kde-0.3.1-5.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
wigglewiggle-1.0-3.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
wine-monowine-mono-4.5.6-2.fc22 noarch (F)                
xastirxastir-2.0.4-8.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
xcircuitxcircuit-3.7.44-11.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
xdrawchemxdrawchem-1.9.9-26.fc22               s390 (R) s390x (R)
xfce4-battery-pluginxfce4-battery-plugin-1.0.5-7.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
xfce4-dictxfce4-dict-0.7.0-7.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
xfce4-notifydxfce4-notifyd-0.2.4-6.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
xfce4-notifydxfce4-notifyd-0.2.4-5.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
xfce4-screenshooterxfce4-screenshooter-1.8.2-4.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-smartbookmark-pluginxfce4-smartbookmark-plugin-0.4.5-1.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
xfce4-terminalxfce4-terminal-0.6.3-5.fc22           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (F)    
xfce4-wmdock-pluginxfce4-wmdock-plugin-0.3.4-11.fc22   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xiphosxiphos-4.0.0-4.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
xmms2xmms2-0.8-24.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
xmonad-log-appletxmonad-log-applet-2.1.0-7.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
xorg-x11-drv-armsocxorg-x11-drv-armsoc-1.1.0-1.20150212.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
xorg-x11-drv-qxlxorg-x11-drv-qxl-0.1.3-2.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
yacpiyacpi-3.0.1-21.fc22             ppc64le (R)    
yapyap-6.2.2-12.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
yapyap-6.2.2-13.fc22         aarch64 (R)        
yoshimiyoshimi-1.3.2-3.fc22         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
zenonzenon-0.8.0-3.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
zenonzenon-0.8.0-2.fc22         aarch64 (F)        
zhu3dzhu3d-4.2.6-4.fc22           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
zorbazorba-3.0.0-12.20140621git152f8964c.fc22           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    


Name nvr noarcharmhfpi386x86_64aarch64ppc64ppc64les390s390x
HepMCHepMC-2.06.09-7.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK) aarch64 (F)        
HepMCHepMC-2.06.09-8.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK) aarch64 (F)        
HepMCHepMC-2.06.09-9.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK) aarch64 (F)        
InsightToolkitInsightToolkit-4.7.1-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
MayaviMayavi-4.4.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (R) s390x (R)
acpica-toolsacpica-tools-20141107-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
acpica-toolsacpica-tools-20150204-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
antimicroantimicro-2.11-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
arkark-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
arpackarpack-3.1.5-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
asciinemaasciinema-0.9.9-1.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
atomicatomic-0-0.8.gita7ff4cb.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
audacious-pluginsaudacious-plugins-3.6-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
avalon-logkitavalon-logkit-2.1-18.fc23 noarch (R)                
avogadroavogadro-1.1.1-8.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ax25-toolsax25-tools-0.0.10-0.10.rc2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
baobabbaobab-3.15.90-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
bash-argsparsebash-argsparse-1.6.2-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
bluezbluez-5.28-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
buildbotbuildbot-0.8.10-2.fc23 noarch (F)                
cargo-resourcescargo-resources-1.4.2-6.fc23 noarch (F)                
cas-clientcas-client-3.3.3-3.fc23 noarch (R)                
cephceph-0.87.1-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
cephceph-0.87.1-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
converseenconverseen-0.9.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
cross-gcccross-gcc-4.9.2-3.fc23         aarch64 (OK) ppc64 (OK) ppc64le (OK)    
curlcurl-7.40.0-2.fc23               s390 (OK) s390x (F)
darktabledarktable-1.6.2-5.fc23     i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)          
dbus-c++dbus-c++-0.9.0-5.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
denyhostsdenyhosts-2.10-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
dl_polydl_poly-1.9.20140324-9.fc23     i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)   ppc64 (OK)   s390 (F) s390x (C)
dnf-plugins-corednf-plugins-core-0.1.5-2.fc23 noarch (F)                
dnf-plugins-corednf-plugins-core-0.1.5-3.fc23 noarch (F)                
dolphin-pluginsdolphin-plugins-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
dyninstdyninst-8.2.1-3.fc23           ppc64 (F)      
e2fsprogse2fsprogs-1.42.12-2.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
eclipseeclipse-4.5.0-0.4.git201503030800.fc23         aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (F)
eclipse-ptpeclipse-ptp-8.1.1-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
elfutilselfutils-0.161-5.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
elfutilselfutils-0.161-6.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
elkelk-3.0.4-10.fc23     i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
eogeog-3.15.90-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
fawkesfawkes-0.5.0-20.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (R) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
ffcallffcall-1.10-17.20120424cvs.fc23           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
file-rollerfile-roller-3.15.90-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (F)
findutilsfindutils-4.5.14-4.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
fiofio-2.2.5-1.fc23               s390 (C) s390x (F)
firefoxfirefox-36.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0-4.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0.1-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
firefoxfirefox-36.0.1-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (C)
frama-cframa-c-1.10-21.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
ftsfts-3.2.32-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
gccgcc-5.0.0-0.18.fc23           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gdlgdl-0.9.5-5.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
geomorphgeomorph-0.60.1-5.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
gfangfan-0.5-12.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
ghc-crypto-cipher-typesghc-crypto-cipher-types-0.0.9-6.fc23               s390 (R) s390x (C)
ghdlghdl-0.33dev-0.hg688.0.fc23     i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
ghostscriptghostscript-9.15-7.fc23           ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
gmshgmsh-2.8.5-8.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
gnome-calendargnome-calendar-3.15.90-2.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gnome-contactsgnome-contacts-3.15.90-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
gnome-dictionarygnome-dictionary-3.15.90-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (F)
gnome-documentsgnome-documents-3.15.91-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
gnome-mapsgnome-maps-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
gnome-musicgnome-music-3.15.90-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (C)
gnome-photosgnome-photos-3.15.90-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
gnome-shell-extensionsgnome-shell-extensions-3.15.91-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
gnuradiognuradio-   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
gr-osmosdrgr-osmosdr-0.1.3-3.20141023git42c66fdd.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
gtk2gtk2-2.24.26-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
gtk2gtk2-2.24.27-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
gtranslatorgtranslator-2.91.6-8.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
gvfsgvfs-1.23.90-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
hdf5hdf5-1.8.14-2.fc23       x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
httpunithttpunit-1.7-16.fc23 noarch (F)                
hunspellhunspell-1.3.3-5.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
icuicu-54.1-2.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
inkscapeinkscape-0.91-5.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
iwyuiwyu-0.3-1.fc23         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
jakarta-taglibs-standardjakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.2-13.fc23 noarch (F)                
jamon-processorjamon-processor-2.4.2-4.fc23 noarch (F)                
java-1.8.0-openjdkjava-1.8.0-openjdk-   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
jenkins-xstreamjenkins-xstream-1.4.7-4.jenkins1.fc23 noarch (F)                
jhighlightjhighlight-1.0-12.fc23 noarch (F)                
kalziumkalzium-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
kapptemplatekapptemplate-14.12.2-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
katekate-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
kcm_touchpadkcm_touchpad-5.1.95-1.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
kde-baseappskde-baseapps-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
kde-cli-toolskde-cli-tools-5.2.1-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
kdeartworkkdeartwork-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
kdelibskdelibs-4.14.6-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
kernelkernel-4.0.0-0.rc2.git1.1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)     s390 (C) s390x (F)
kf5-kjobwidgetskf5-kjobwidgets-5.7.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)       s390 (C) s390x (F)
kgetkget-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
kopetekopete-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
kremotecontrolkremotecontrol-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (R)          
kscdkscd-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
kshksh-20120801-22.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
kshksh-20120801-23.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
ktuxktux-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
libgcryptlibgcrypt-1.6.2-3.fc23               s390 (C) s390x (F)
libgpg-errorlibgpg-error-1.17-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
libixionlibixion-0.9.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
libixionlibixion-0.9.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
libsbmllibsbml-5.11.0-11.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (OK) s390x (F)
libsolvlibsolv-0.6.8-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
libsouplibsoup-2.49.91-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
libvorbislibvorbis-1.3.4-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
libvpxlibvpx-1.3.0-6.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
libxclibxc-2.1.2-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
libyubikeylibyubikey-1.12-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
lokalizelokalize-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
marblemarble-14.12.3-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
mariadbmariadb-10.0.17-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C)   s390 (C) s390x (F)
marsshootermarsshooter-0.7.5-6.20140507gitc855d04.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
mddsmdds-0.12.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
mingw-gccmingw-gcc-5.0.0-0.1.svn.20150301.r221092.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
mingw-qt5-qtbasemingw-qt5-qtbase-5.4.1-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
mingw-wine-geckomingw-wine-gecko-2.36-1.fc23 noarch (C)                
mirallmirall-1.7.1-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
moarvmmoarvm-0.2014.12-2.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
mongodbmongodb-3.0.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)     ppc64le (F)    
monomono-2.10.8-8.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
muffinmuffin-2.4.4-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
nifti2dicomnifti2dicom-0.4.9-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
nodejs-bsonnodejs-bson-0.2.19-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
nodejs-chainodejs-chai-2.1.1-2.fc23 noarch (F)                
non-session-managernon-session-manager-1.0.0-0.8.gitae6b78cf.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
nuntiusnuntius-0.1.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
nwchemnwchem-6.5.26243-14.fc23     i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
ocaml-camlp4ocaml-camlp4-4.02.1-0.2.gitcf1935d3.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (R) s390x (C)
ocaml-easy-formatocaml-easy-format-1.0.2-10.fc23               s390 (C) s390x (F)
ocaml-facileocaml-facile-1.1-31.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocaml-labltkocaml-labltk-8.06.0-1.fc23               s390 (R) s390x (R)
ocaml-lacamlocaml-lacaml-7.1.3-6.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocaml-lwtocaml-lwt-2.4.5-4.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-menhirocaml-menhir-20141215-2.fc23         aarch64 (F)     s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-mlgmpidlocaml-mlgmpidl-1.2.1-0.13.20120830.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-pcreocaml-pcre-7.1.1-6.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-reactocaml-react-0.9.4-12.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocaml-sqliteocaml-sqlite-2.0.6-6.fc23           ppc64 (F)   s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocaml-type-convocaml-type-conv-3.0.5-17.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (C)
ocaml-ulexocaml-ulex-1.1-26.fc23               s390 (C) s390x (F)
ocaml-xmlmocaml-xmlm-1.2.0-11.fc23               s390 (C) s390x (F)
ocaml-zarithocaml-zarith-1.3-1.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-zarithocaml-zarith-1.3-2.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
ocaml-zipocaml-zip-1.05-9.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (F)
octaveoctave-3.8.2-11.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
octaveoctave-3.8.2-13.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
octave-iooctave-io-2.2.7-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
okularokular-14.12.3-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
opalopal-3.10.10-7.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
opensshopenssh-6.7p1-3.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
opensshopenssh-6.7p1-8.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
openwsmanopenwsman-2.4.14-1.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (C) x86_64 (C)          
osm2pgsqlosm2pgsql-0.87.2-3.fc23         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (C) s390x (F)
parquetparquet-1.5.0-4.fc23 noarch (R)                
pavucontrolpavucontrol-2.0-10.fc23         aarch64 (R)        
perlperl-5.20.2-321.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
pfstoolspfstools-1.8.5-20.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R)    
php-pecl-httpphp-pecl-http-2.3.1-1.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
pidginpidgin-2.10.11-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
pinentrypinentry-0.9.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
plasma-breezeplasma-breeze-5.2.1-2.fc23         aarch64 (OK)        
plasma-desktopplasma-desktop-5.2.1-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (R) s390 (F) s390x (C)
poeditpoedit-1.7.4-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
polaripolari-3.15.91-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
polymakepolymake-2.13-19.git20141013.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
polymakepolymake-2.13-20.git20141013.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
protobufprotobuf-2.6.0-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
protobuf-cprotobuf-c-1.0.1-3.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (C) x86_64 (C)          
publicanpublican-4.2.6-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
pypypypy-2.5.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
pypypypy-2.5.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F)    
pythonpython-2.7.9-8.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
python-apipkgpython-apipkg-1.3-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
python-atomicwritespython-atomicwrites-0.1.4-4.fc23 noarch (F)                
python-cryptographypython-cryptography-0.7.2-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
python-cryptographypython-cryptography-0.7.2-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
python-gstreamer1python-gstreamer1-1.4.0-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
python-gunicornpython-gunicorn-19.3.0-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
python-wstoolpython-wstool-0.1.6-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
python3python3-3.4.2-7.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
qesteidutilqesteidutil-   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
qgisqgis-2.8.1-1.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (C) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C)      
qtgpscqtgpsc-0.3.1-11.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
quake3quake3-1.36-22.svn2102.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C) aarch64 (F)        
qupzillaqupzilla-1.8.6-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
qupzillaqupzilla-1.8.6-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (R)    
rangerranger-1.6.1-5.fc23 noarch (F)                
rkwardrkward-0.6.3-1.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
rootroot-5.34.26-1.fc23     i386 (R) x86_64 (R)     ppc64le (F)    
roxtermroxterm-2.9.5-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C) s390 (F) s390x (F)
rubygem-stomprubygem-stomp-1.3.4-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
sambasamba-4.2.0-0.6.rc5.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
sayonarasayonara-0.6.2-4.svn1021.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (OK) s390 (F) s390x (C)
scl-utilsscl-utils-2.0.1-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)          
scorepscorep-1.3-4.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R) aarch64 (F)        
seaviewseaview-4.5.2-3.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
solrsolr-4.10.3-2.fc23 noarch (R)                
spice-gtkspice-gtk-0.28-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
springframework-wsspringframework-ws-2.1.2-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
sqlclisqlcli-3-5.fc23 noarch (F)                
squidsquid-3.4.12-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
stracestrace-4.10-1.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
sugar-srilankasugar-srilanka-3-2.fc23 noarch (F)                
superminsupermin-5.1.12-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
superminsupermin-5.1.12-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (C)      
syncevolutionsyncevolution-1.5-2.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (C)
syslinuxsyslinux-6.03-3.fc23     i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
systemdsystemd-219-3.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (C) s390x (F)
systemdsystemd-219-5.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (C) s390x (F)
systemdsystemd-219-4.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (C) s390x (F)
systemdsystemd-219-6.fc23           ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (C) s390x (F)
systemtapsystemtap-2.8-0.20.g784e796f37c8.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
systemtapsystemtap-2.8-0.38.g3965aacd37c7.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
systemtapsystemtap-2.7-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)   ppc64 (R) ppc64le (C)    
tasktask-2.4.1-1.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
tcllibtcllib-1.16-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
tcllibtcllib-1.16-2.fc23 noarch (F)                
tcllibtcllib-1.16-3.fc23 noarch (F)                
tcllibtcllib-1.16-4.fc23 noarch (F)                
thermostatthermostat-1.2.0-13.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (F)        
thunderbirdthunderbird-31.5.0-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)       s390 (F) s390x (C)
trackertracker-1.3.3-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
trackertracker-1.3.4-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
uboot-toolsuboot-tools-2015.04-0.1.rc3.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (OK) x86_64 (OK)          
uhduhd-3.8.2-1.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
urbanlightscapeurbanlightscape-1.3.3-1.fc23     i386 (OK) x86_64 (F)          
vdirsyncervdirsyncer-0.4.3-5.fc23 noarch (F)                
vifirvifir-0.9-28.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
vikingviking-1.5.1-4.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F)          
virt-dmesgvirt-dmesg-0.3.0-17.fc23               s390 (F) s390x (C)
vxlvxl-1.17.0-16.fc23           ppc64 (F) ppc64le (C)    
webkitgtk3webkitgtk3-2.4.8-6.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (OK)          
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.90-10.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.90-7.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.91-1.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.90-9.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
webkitgtk4webkitgtk4-2.7.91-2.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)   ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
why3why3-0.85-7.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
winewine-1.7.37-1.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (C) x86_64 (C)          
winewine-1.7.38-1.fc23   armhfp (F) i386 (C) x86_64 (C)          
wine-monowine-mono-4.5.6-1.fc23 noarch (F)                
wine-monowine-mono-4.5.6-2.fc23 noarch (F)                
xfce4-cellmodem-pluginxfce4-cellmodem-plugin-0.0.5-15.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
xfce4-modemlights-pluginxfce4-modemlights-plugin-   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-notes-pluginxfce4-notes-plugin-1.7.7-12.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-notifydxfce4-notifyd-0.2.4-7.fc23         aarch64 (R)        
xfce4-notifydxfce4-notifyd-0.2.4-6.fc23         aarch64 (R)        
xfce4-quicklauncher-pluginxfce4-quicklauncher-plugin-1.9.4-19.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-radio-pluginxfce4-radio-plugin-0.5.1-10.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-smartbookmark-pluginxfce4-smartbookmark-plugin-0.4.4-10.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (C)          
xfce4-timer-pluginxfce4-timer-plugin-0.6.1-17.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-wmdock-pluginxfce4-wmdock-plugin-0.3.4-11.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfce4-xfswitch-pluginxfce4-xfswitch-plugin-0.0.1-13.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (R) x86_64 (R)          
xfdashboardxfdashboard-0.3.9-4.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (C) x86_64 (R)          
xorg-x11-drv-armsocxorg-x11-drv-armsoc-1.1.0-1.20150212.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
xorg-x11-drv-qxlxorg-x11-drv-qxl-0.1.3-2.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
xorg-x11-drv-qxlxorg-x11-drv-qxl-0.1.3-3.fc23         aarch64 (F)        
xorg-x11-drv-vmmousexorg-x11-drv-vmmouse-13.0.0-15.fc23     i386 (C) x86_64 (F)          
xorg-x11-server-utilsxorg-x11-server-utils-7.7-13.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (C)          
yapyap-6.2.2-13.fc23         aarch64 (R)        
yoshimiyoshimi-1.3.2-3.fc23         aarch64 (F) ppc64 (C) ppc64le (F) s390 (F) s390x (C)
z88dkz88dk-1.10.1-6.20150221cvs.fc23   armhfp (C) i386 (F) x86_64 (F) aarch64 (R)